Tuesday, January 26, 2016

First 300 miles on Australian roads with the new cruiser today. Starting to get warm; 95 this afternoon. Live "roo" on the side of the road Saturday afternoon (sorry, Dani - no boxing gloves) and a dead one on the shoulder today. Making my way to see Don in Echuca on Thursday and the next post should be from Tasmania on Monday.

Forgot to mention the free Shoei helmet they gave me with that bike - otherwise that would have been another $500.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Got my bike!

I want to thank my friend Frank Pavatich for the Melbourne tour on Saturday, but especially the note he wrote for me on the bike thing. Dealer says, I gotta go to Vicroads and get a Vic ID to buy a bike. I get there and she says I need an official receipt (phone bill, utility, etc.) with my name on it with that address. So I show her that note he wrote: she wrinkles her face a bit, mulls it over and starts typing stuff. Next thing you know, I got an ID and am on my way back to the dealer!

I really went the luxury (and safety!) route instead of cheap and dirty - I got a new (well, a 2014 demo with 4,000 KM on it) Victory cruiser - 120 lb heavier than my touring Harley, even. But it has ABS, full cruise control, full factory warranty with superb road service that will come get me no matter where I am! All that fit on my credit cards just fine, without currency fees or the like, plus about $40 US monthly for full coverage insurance. AND, I got the paper saying they'll buy it back after I put 40,000 KM on it. So the total cost I going to be about $5,000 US after all is said and done. AND the guaranty that any mechanical/functional problem is going to be paid for by Victory. AND, I showed up at the dealer about 10:30 AM and the same afternoon have this monster sitting out there next to the tent...

Scott McConnell of Victory Melbourne delivered the bike in a van to the car rental depot at the airport - after hours, great service already!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Well, here I am! I have visited dealers and think I should be able to get a used Harley for my trip. I will find out soon and hope to get going next week. Meanwhile I have a car (yuk) and am staying at a campground not far from Melbourne.